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  • "Music expresses that which cannot be said, and on which it is impossible to be silent."

    - Victor Hugo

A (groovey) different
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welcome to our site, we are very glad you found us. with that said, now that you did, we hope you are ready for one of the most explosive and explorive audible journeys that your ears have ever held responsible. with that said, its only fair game we fill you in on the respect/plans/endeavors we have for all the surrounding elements that come with that culture, and trust, you've come to the right place. i would love to fill you in some more, but i think you've got it from here.

upcoming attractions;

New Years Eve 2020

El Techo Prospero Washington, D.C.

December 31st | 7:00pm - 1:30am

Jimmy Valentines Washington, D.C.

December 31st | 9:00pm - Close

Current Vibes

Danny House B2B Rez Ekbatan
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Neko Berg | Spring Mix 2019
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RSR51 - Red Sauce Radio w/Erica Marcantonio
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Red Sauce Radio - Presented by Browz & Schwander
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Collective members

Danny House
Producer/DJ | Creative Director | Managing Partner
Neko Berg
Producer/DJ | Head Curator | Managing Partner
Rainier Rodriguez
Drums, keyboards, and all of the above
Browz & Schwander
English and Bolivian born DJ / Producer Duo. With the rhythms of South America and the tech sound of Europe, Browz & Schwander arrange their DJ sets to keep the crowds grooving, the atmosphere vibing and the music playing.
Dastan translates to story or legend. His goal is always to take you on a trip & to get lost with you in the music....As a lover of the fantasy of it all.
Late London
I hate writing bios but love writing music. Poducer, dj, and engineer.
Alexander V. Prudovsky
Photographer | Videographer | Media Wizard | The life of the party.
Her ability to mix an array of genres stems from her mixed cultural background, and is one of her most prominent traits.
Erica Marcantonio
Born into a full-blown Italian family, Erica's interest in music began thanks to the colorful and contrasting genres played in her family.
The Sanmi
How's the weather?
Nader embraces the blissful task of arranging music, enthralling hordes of friends with his natural talent and musical ear until promoters started noticing his connection with the crowd.
Tony Smooth
Tony Smooth continuous to evolve his unique sound but has always stayed true to his House music roots.
Mexico-bred, U.S.-based Fátima sprinkles that spicy sazón onto her ever tasty beats: deep, groovy tech with a global flare

Upcoming shows/events/tours

  • 2020 looking like...[oh btw El Techo every Tuesday]

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